The 3 Week Diet Review

What does being overweight mean to you? The 3 Week Diet finally helped me understand what it meant to me.

Almost everyone at one point or another wants to lose a few pounds here or there. I’m not different and for the longest time I would often say something along the lines “I’m so fat” to my friends just to hear them deny it and say I was fine. In a weird way it was reassuring me that I was still on the good side.

All of this changed almost instantly about 3 months ago. I was just hanging out with friends that I haven’t seen fora while and having a good time until the topic of curvy women came up. So I decided to get my usual reassurance and said something along the lines “curvy is good but I should probably lose a few pounds” and smiled. Everyone looked at me, but in the place where they usually said “what are you talking about, you look great” there was just silence. I could feel some of them scanning me from top to bottom. Finally one of them them said “as long as you feel great” and they awkwardly went back the the conversation they were having.

Suddenly my whole world came crushing down on me. My illusion of just needing to drop a few pounds was shattered. I was overweight and I have been for a long time just didn’t look it. I didn’t know what was worse, my friends always saying it was okay until now or the fact that the whole world seems to think it is okay until you reach a certain point.

The whole plus size movement is a lie. How many overweight people look like plus size models with perfectly shaped curves and flat stomachs? Not many people I know. In fact it is probably easier to be skinny than a what plus size models look like. Once again the magazines and media turned everything upside down.

I was so pissed off that I decided to screw it all and look the way I did, after who cares, right? Then something even bigger than that hit me. Everyone seems to focus on the looks when it comes to weight, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the topic of health rarely comes up until you are suffer from obesity.

The truth is that being even barely overweight increases your chances of dying from stroke or heart related causes extremely.  This is nothing new and the risks are well documented on the for everyone to see.  Yet, I mostly focused on looks when trying to lose weight and didn’t think about health issues.

I keep thinking about a story my dad told me about a guy at his work. An overweight, 35 year old fellow that suddenly collapsed at his work.  Nothing new, right? Yet, the apart that really kills me is how he just became a dad less than 6 months ago.  Here we have a guy that just starting with best of his years still to come dead before he can even celebrate his child’s first birthday.

That is when I knew I had to do something about it. I was so determined that I was ready to , or I thought I was,  cut off every food I love and work out 60 minutes a day.  Thankfully after some research I found out you don’t have to do that. In fact, working out 60 minutes per day can alnd you in a hospital if you are not careful.

the 3 week diet

The Better Method: Three Week Diet

One of the first things that stood out for me in the 3 weeks diet by Brian was how little commitment I had to do to get started. Just three weeks of not such a bad diet with light exercises here and there and that’s it.  I felt I could definitely do that and the worse case scenario was that it simply wouldn’t work.

To my surprise, and my friends who said I look great without even asking them, this thing is pretty amazing. Not only did I managed to get half way to my idea weight within the 3 weeks I had surge of energy, confidence and all together better attitude.

I think the biggest part for me was how I could literately get on a scale and see the pound just fall off every single day. I always thought that dieting and exersicisng was not only hard, but you had to weight months to see results. That is not the case with the 3 week diet.  Try it for yourself, what do you have to lose?

Whole trying won’t risk much, by not trying you risk it all.  Don’t be afraid to be the best you can be for yourself and your family. While the image of beauty can change the fact that you or your loved one who is overweight has greater risk of dying is the most important part. That is why it is not your fault but your resposbility to get better.

Give The 3 Week Diet a a try and see for yourself.  Pthen come back and leave a comment for me.


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